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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FAITH . . . long but worth the read

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Just pondering!


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  2. Personally I don't think either the professor or the student was right.
    In my view their debate is sterile and ultimately meaningless. There is no absolute truth anywhere to be found.... we live in a contingent and situational multiverse where neither positivism or universalism any longer holds water.

    To me this a catechism in a collapsing paradigm and a dying socio-cultural mileau....that's how I see it anyway Daseuss..... but thanks for the story anyway, it was good fun to read it :-)

    PS the deletion was due to a nasty little typo :-(

    1. Really, I'm not all that sensitive. Chaos is not my cup of tea nor is the rationale that empirical data is the purveyor of truth to our existence. Faith is what it is, non tangible and not necessarily reasonable. Good to hear from you my friend ;-)